Curtain up in 5!!

Curtain up in 5!!

Hi there! Wow. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. If I’d written a post every time I thought about starting a blog, I think I could have written a trilogy novel by now. But I guess it’s never too late!

Yes I have been mulling over this for ages, literally a few years at least I would think. And yes I have chickened out every time. Why? Good question, how nice of you to ask! I think it’s mainly a fear of judgement. I do this with several aspects in my life, whether it’s singing, writing, or a million other things I’m interested in pursuing. I hold back because I never think that what I do is good enough so I never pluck enough courage to make it public.

So why start this and why now?

Self-torture… Well maybe not, but possibly partially? We’re living in really strange times with all this COVID-19 #staysafe #stayathome business, and whilst everyone is posting photos or videos of their cooking and baking and home workout achievements on social media, I’m mainly stuck behind my desk trying to catch up with a massive backlog of work. Thus, I’ve been feeling a dire need to release some creative energy.

But that doesn’t answer the “why this” question. Truth is, I’ve always had a strong passion for writing. I started keeping journals when I was about eleven. I used to love essay writing at school and surprise surprise, I always went for the opinionated and argumentative titles. That passion for writing never went away but manifested in different forms over time. However, the only time I actually published anything I wrote was my journalistic writing in the three years I spent working as a journalist. That writing however followed a very particular structure and did not give me the liberty to be as creative as I would have liked.

I tend to think of topics and proceed to write ‘rants’ about them or just jot a bunch of ideas down. The topics vary quite widely, but given my background they’re generally related to theatre or the arts industry and my passion for performing; work and the idea of trying to make it; the difficulties a career woman faces in what is still quite a male dominated world, and so on. One very particular subject though is what gave the name to this blog – my super clumsy moments.

I am a very clumsy person and that characteristic has placed me in some very embarrassing situations over the years, and people who either witness the episodes or hear about them seem to be somewhat entertained. So I thought I might start sharing a few of these situations particularly when they actually happen. And I say this because, once a klutz, always a klutz… don’t think that it ever goes away.

I don’t know what will become of this space. I’d just really like to have a place where I can express myself and who knows, maybe get some feedback from anyone who reads a post or two, just to bounce ideas off each other. I love talking and writing, but I also love listening to what others have to say. So anyway, I’m just putting this out there and seeing what, if anything, comes out of it. Let’s call it a little experiment or adventure.

So without further ado, let this blogging journey begin!

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  1. Very nice idea Rach! Apart from letting your readers into your life blogging will make you learn more about yourself too. Keep it up! ☺️👏🏼

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  2. Great idea Rachel! We all have those fears of putting something out there, and I’m so pleased you have plucked up the courage to do this ! Will definitely be following you! Looking forward!

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    1. It is something nice that you express yourself and feel that you are doing something worthwhile. At this time one has to keep himself/ herself occupied. Looking forward to reading what you have to share n thanks and TAKE CARE.

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  3. I just read your Blogs , its amazing. Be strong after death of your father and do what you want and fits to your personality

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