Mini Reads

Sometimes random sentences and emotions come to mind, which have no place in blog posts. I thought of creating this ‘Mini Reads Series’ with these little creative bursts.

“I wish you’ll one day realise how much I truly care for you and that I’m willing to do whatever I can to always be there for you. I hope that this will one day mean something special to you, and I hope that realisation won’t hit after you would have pushed me away too far and lost me.”

t.k.d. 11.2022

“Open up. Let me in! I want to be there for you, to be by your side every step of the way. I want to face this storm with you and help you get out of it. I’ve always given you my all, but I want to give you more. All I need is a chance. You just need to let me.”

t.k.d. 11.2022

“I wish I can explain to you how scared and helpless I felt. I wanted to know what was going on but there was no one to ask. I know it shouldn’t be about me, but I cannot put in words how much I need a hug from you right now and for you to let me cry on you… and even though perhaps I should be the one trying to protect you, I need to feel safe in your arms! That’s where home is to me! That’s where I feel I belong!”

t.k.d. 11.2022

“Being in his company again felt like she’d stepped into a fairytale. The hours rolled by like seconds, the wine getting sweeter with every sip and the words flowed on in conversation like water runs down a river after the first summer rain. She got lost in his company, in his eyes and his gentle smile. She still longed for him to hold her hand however and to share a single passionate kiss.”

t.k.d. 08.2022

“He says that he can’t do romance and yet the hopeless romantic feels like she’s in a movie whenever she’s in his company. It’s like he knows what’s in her heart and he creates the scene she’s been dreaming of. It’s not about the dozen roses, nor spoiling her with expensive stuff. That’s not what she craves. She hopes that he’s figured that out.

t.k.d. 08.2022

“You really surprised me today. Caught me completely off guard. Those two words you said felt like a most magical moment. My heart instantly fluttered and I cannot wipe this stupid smile off my face. All I’ve been thinking about since that moment is your arms around my waist whenever you come in to tickle me. Then you’ll move in even closer until your lips find my neck. How can I explain to you that I want you to make this scene real when you’re back?”

t.k.d. 08.2022

“I hoped that you’d ask me to meet at the eleventh hour before you go away. I know you insist that you’re not romantic but I still long for a little surprise once in a blue moon. I don’t expect big romantic gestures like a dozen roses or candlelit picnics. I just want your company, and to see that you’ll be missing me just a little bit when you’ll be away. It’s wrong of me to hope, but I can’t help it. I’ll keep dreaming that one day it will actually happen.”

t.k.d. 08.2022

“It’s quite incredible how quickly a spell can be broken when the rose-tinted glasses finally come off and true colours are revealed. It’s also quite astounding how confident a person can be in the thought that they are wonderfully kind human beings, when reality proves them to be manipulators, control freaks and utterly disrespectful. I guess when you’re constantly lying to those around you, you become susceptible to believing your own lies. That doesn’t mean that I have to keep falling for them though. Nor does it mean that I have to tolerate it and remain under your control. Sorry to burst your bubble.”

t.k.d. 24.07.2022

“I missed you! I thought it was all lost and I tried to convince myself that it’s all for the better. But the second I felt your lightest touch, the spark lit back wilder than fireworks. I’m not sure what came over you. Was it jealously perhaps? Whatever it was, I hope it stays there. I want to light that fire in you. I want to be the subject of your attention and desire. I want to melt in your arms at your gentlest caress, but I want that caress to turn into a hunger, a longing, a yearning… and I want to be the one that satisfies your appetite.”

t.k.d. 16.06.2022

You caught me completely off guard. I never would have imagined any sort of attraction between us. But now I find myself imagining our fingers brushing against each other, or our hands finding one another, possibly even smelling your cologne as you pull me into a hug. 

What is this spell that you put on me? 

But the best part of it is, that I can’t imagine anything other than the softest caresses… your fingers feeling like feathers on my skin sending shivers down my spine… and that is exactly why I long for them.

t.k.d. 11.05.2022

“Her heart broke at the thought of you lying to her, no matter how small a lie it might have been. But the thought of you not being truthful when she always wears her heart on her sleeve with you and trusts you blindly, crushed her.” 

t.k.d. 05.2022

“I wish I could explain to you how meaningful our relationship (whatever shape or form it takes) is to me, without scaring the crap out of you. I wish I could tell you how much I care for you and how I long for your attention and affection. I open up to you about everything in my life; every thought, every feeling… except this! I hate suppressing a side of me in fear of scaring you off. I hate waiting for you, being at your beck and call, only to come running to you like a silly puppy whenever you feel a want or need for my company.

I wish I had an idea what my company actually meant to you and for you… what I mean to you. But these are questions I dare not ask. I wouldn’t thread over such thin ice in fear of it breaking and me losing you quite permanently.

I have no idea what I truly feel for you or how to explain the weakness you bring forth in me. I don’t want it to mean anything as I fear that it will change me and I will lose my true self in the process. But I can’t deny that whenever I’m around you I somehow feel at ease and at peace, and that does not seem to happen in other situations. 

I long for your touch because physical affection is important to me, but it doesn’t seem the hinder you in the slightest. Do you not feel any need for physical contact or to connect with me? Are you truly content with the way things are? Don’t you ever long to feel my lips in between yours?

I truly wish I could get a reply to all my questions, and yet I know that I could never ask them, because I could never risk losing this… whatever “this”, between us, is.”

t.k.d. 11.04.2022

“Tonight was enchanting, you truly made it complete.

Your words felt bewitching, as your touch fuelled serenity.

These bewildering moments make you feel like home.

Can I be interlaced in your embrace for eternity?”

t.k.d. 03.04.2022

“She sat at the edge of the bed with her phone in hand and a smile plastered on her face. She couldn’t hide her excitement but wanted to keep herself composed. She wasn’t quite sure when the text message would come in but she was ready to bolt out the front door as soon as it did. She had no idea what to expect, but she knew that whatever would transpire would be perfect, because it would be another wonderful memory created with you.”

t.k.d. 31.03.2022

“It’s not always about the one true love. Love comes in many shapes and forms. I’m not sure what it is that we share between us. All I know is that it feels special. I appreciate your care and support, and how you are there for me in my most difficult moments. I love the calmness you bring into my life and how often you manage to make me smile. I don’t want that to ever end.”

t.k.d. 26.03.2022

“Tonight was magical. It was not meant to be anything special but with you even a simple word can ignite a burning fire. I loved being in your arms and having all your attention. I loved making you feel weak for a moment, seeing the vulnerability in your eyes, then seeing the passion take over. I didn’t want to let you go, even though I knew I had to. For once nothing about it felt wrong: I could get completely lost in the moment and I didn’t want it to end. I hope you realise how rare this is and that you made it happen.”

t.k.d. 18.02.2022

“You feel so distant even though you’re standing right next to me. My heart yearns to skip a beat at the feel of your skin on mine, and yet my brain stops me from reaching out to you fearing your reaction… your rejection. I’m not sure what pushed you away. I’m not sure what you want, but my heart misses the giddiness you make it feel.”

t.k.d. 07.01.2022

“I was walking with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, at the thought of being next to you in mere minutes. It took all my fighting power to stop my voice from cracking when you called to tell me that plans had to change. The smile disappeared, my eyes glistened over and suddenly the walk to the car felt like an uphill climb during a marathon.

I appreciate you wanting to protect me but the truth is that my heart still broke a little. And after that, all I could think about was the feeling of your hands as they’d wrap around me whilst your lips find the nape of my neck kissing it tenderly, giving me butterflies. All I had wanted was a spot by the sea, a bottle of wine and your company, but I guess life had other plans. The truth is I don’t want you to protect me. I want you to unravel me with your kisses.”

t.k.d. 26.12.21

“I’d been secretly hoping that you’d come from behind me, when you’d finally find me standing alone waiting for you, you’d pull me away to a hidden spot where we could just be. Our hearts would reveal their true selves as our lips intertwine, and your sweet caress would warm every artery in my being as the pitter-patter of the cold rain matches the accelerating beats of our hearts.

t.k.d. 07.12.21.

“As the tears streamed down my face and flooded your shirt, my heart felt like it was breaking all over again. How much longer can I keep doing this for? The feeling of rips through my chest invaded my body too many times in the past year. It never gets easier… and yet I can’t help but wonder, will it ever happen? Will it ever tear apart or leave my chest completely? Would it actually be easier if that happened? Would the pain come to a permanent end?”

t.k.d. 07.12.21

“She found herself smiling at the thought of you. She remembered the warmth she felt with the touch or your hand around her waist. How she could feel your gaze from across the room and the way it drew her in. And the moment you smiled at her, she suddenly felt like she fits in, in a world where she felt like a complete stranger. She was grateful. She couldn’t shake that feeling off.”

t.k.d. 23.11.21

“The whole scene was choreographed in her head. From the giggles at a silly comment to a finger accidentally brushing against a thigh, and eyes meeting as the notes from the piano magically filled the air. What she was looking forward to most was having his full attention. She knew it would never manifest, and the disappointment hurt a little.”

t.k.d. 09.11.21

“The way your words show your care and affection lights up a little spark in my heart that warms up my entire body, until it reaches the corners of my lips and turns them upwards just a little.”

t.k.d. 19.10.21

I missed you today… I missed your crooked smile, your arms around my waist, your gentle carrasses down my back and your warm, gentle breath on my skin. But most of all I missed the glow of your twinkling eyes that burn into me with a gentle glare that says ‘I’m happy now. Thank you. I want you.'”

t.k.d. 08.04.20

“I dream of you taking me in your arms and making me yours. ‘How?’, you ask.

Just hold me tight, kiss my neck, caress my skin, show your deep affection. With every gentle touch I’ll melt in your arms. My power is overthrown and I slowly become yours.

Even if it’s for mere seconds, maybe minutes… I’ll lose myself completely and be yours wholly.”

t.k.d. 05.04.20

“There was nothing special about the first time we met. I was shy and awkward but you were kind and there was something that drew me to you. I was enchanted and I wanted to learn more.”

t.k.d. 09.11.20

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