Sometimes random sentences and emotions come to mind, which have no place in blog posts. Little creative bursts that could use their own little space.

“She found herself smiling at the thought of you. She remembered the warmth she felt with the touch or your hand around her waist. How she could feel your gaze from across the room and the way it drew her in. And the moment you smiled at her, she suddenly felt like she fits in, in a world where she felt like a complete stranger. She was grateful. She couldn’t shake that feeling off.”

t.k.d. 23.11.21

“The whole scene was choreographed in her head. From the giggles at a silly comment to a finger accidentally brushing against a thigh, and eyes meeting as the notes from the piano magically filled the air. What she was looking forward to most was having his full attention. She knew it would never manifest, and the disappointment hurt a little.”

t.k.d. 09.11.21

“The way your words show your care and affection lights up a little spark in my heart that warms up my entire body, until it reaches the corners of my lips and turns them upwards just a little.”

t.k.d. 19.10.21

I missed you today… I missed your crooked smile, your arms around my waist, your gentle carrasses down my back and your warm, gentle breath on my skin. But most of all I missed the glow of your twinkling eyes that burn into me with a gentle glare that says ‘I’m happy now. Thank you. I want you.'”

t.k.d. 08.04.20

“I dream of you taking me in your arms and making me yours. How you ask? Just hold me tight, kiss my neck, caress my skin, show your deep affection. With every gentle touch I’ll melt in your arms, my power is overthrown and I slowly become yours. Even if it’s for mere seconds, maybe minutes, I’ll lose myself completely and be yours wholly.”

t.k.d. 05.04.20

“There was nothing special about the first time we met. I was shy and awkward but you were kind and there was something that drew me to you. I was enchanted and I wanted to learn more.”

t.k.d. 09.11.21

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