A creative, performer, singer and actor, voiceover artist, photography enthusiast, lover of tv and cinema production, and so much more. I tend to have a passion for anything art and theatre related.

I studied my mother tongue, Maltese, to a Masters level, researching the history of Maltese TV drama, but I’ve also studied interpreting and love languages in general. I’ve worked for the local national broadcasting company, on tv, radio and online – mainly as a journalist and production assistant. I’ve also worked for Arts Council Malta and am the Agency Administrator to Malta’s National Dance Company, ŻfinMalta.

As a performer, I fell in love with the stage at a very young age. My parents sent me to all sorts of dance lessons as a child, and ever since, I’ve longed for those few minutes that a performer gets in front of an audience. At home I always used to sing around the house, but I was so focused on my dance studies that I never took singing too seriously. Not until I was in my twenties at least, and I got the opportunity to start performing a lead role in a weekly musical called ‘Knights Spectacular 1565’. A 2 hour show with a role that involved the narration of the whole story and singing about 8 songs live. From one show a week, at a point, I ended up performing ‘Knights’ twice weekly, together with a weekly folk show, another musical called ‘Strait Street – Tales from a Red Light District’ and the occasional cabaret. My physical body as a dancer was strong enough, but I suddenly had to truly strengthen my voice and make sure I know what I’m actually meant to be doing. My love for singing grew deeper and deeper, and I’m hoping to make more of it now that I’m finding what I like to call, ‘my true voice’.

Why klutz diaries?

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very particular major flaw. I’m incredibly clumsy. I fall, I bump into things, I drop things…. When I was young everyone used to say that I’ll grow out of it but, surprise surprise, I never did. It’s innate, and nowadays, it kind of defines who I am. Those who don’t know me and encounter one of my “episodes” are generally shocked, but to those who know me it’s generally more of a, “Rach, again?”

Through this page I hope to share some thoughts and just have a space where I can express myself. You might find posts on a funny ‘Rachel’ moment, that will usually include a lot of embarrassment for me and a good laugh for any witnesses. You might also encounter writings possibly related to the arts and theatre. I am an over-thinker though, and more often than not my brain tends to work on overdrive, so don’t be surprised with writings about random subjects too.

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