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Hi. I’m Rachel. Welcome. I’m an over-thinker who likes to write… oh yes… and I fall… a lot! In this space you can have a look into my quirky mind with some of my random thoughts, but I’ll also be sharing some of my embarrassing moments, because at times they’re too entertaining to keep to myself.

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Another year, another birthday… What has it had to offer?

Another year, another birthday – a time for reflection on achievements, hardships, even things we’d like to forget. The experiences we go through however, help us become the people we are. It is up to us to relish that or let it break us. I’m still of the opinion that the past two years have… Continue Reading →

Sisterly bonds in unexpected places

This one’s for the girls Sometimes we meet people in life who leave permanent marks on our hearts, and we can meet them in the least expected moments and places. It is then so much harder to say goodbye when it’s time for them to move on to embark on a new adventure. This might… Continue Reading →

On-stage memoirs of a true klutz

On most days, performers are praised for their grace on stage. But I assure you that with a klutz such as myself, that grace can be lost within a blink of an eye. Having just celebrated International dance day, I took a trip down memory lane of my clumsiest theatre moments.

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