New beginnings…

I’ve always been a person who loves change and new adventures, and I try not to let anything hold me back. Earlier this year, I started feeling like I was stuck in a rut and was feeling demotivated. Several happenings led to that feeling, but I wanted to bounce back. I wasn’t actually looking for a new starting. I just wanted to find the love for what I was doing again. Life seems to have had other plans however.

Life has a way of being funny and presents opportunities when we least expect them. It is then up to us to decide whether to take them on or not. Most of the time, I tend to find it hard to turn them down. I guess I believe that if something is thrown at you so randomly, it must be happening for a reason. So when a new career opportunity presented itself, one that could potential combine a number of passions that I have, I found it impossible to turn it down.

Communications, PR and marketing have always been of great interest to me. They combine a number of elements that really intrigue me and inspire my creativity. When I initially joined ŻfinMalta, two and a half years ago, it was to do just that. Being able to use my writing and translation skills for my work, organising events, coming up with creative content and small audio-visual projects were all elements I greatly looked forward to. My job at Żfin manifested into something very different eventually, and although I absolutely loved what I was doing, I truly missed the creative elements that the marketing world brought with it.

So a couple of months ago I stumbled across the stage of Malta’s National Theatre, and found myself finding ways to promote it as the historic building that it is, as a place that gives life to the arts, and a place that offers entertainment to people from all walks of life. Being in Europe’s third oldest working theatre every day, that just so happens to be on this little island I call home, is such an honour and privilege, and I feel truly blessed that I can contribute to keeping it alive. My workday has now found itself in the heart of Malta’s theatre world, working on all sorts of productions, from classical music to opera, to Baroque and musicals, pantomimes, tragedies, comedies, and so much more. And all the magic happen in a gem that is just under 300 years old and that comes with the richest of histories (and a few spirits apparently – who I’m yet to meet) – Teatru Manoel.

Teatru Manoel
Photo Courtesy of Photographer Domenic Aquilina & Teatru Manoel

It was still with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to the National Dance Company. My adventure there was incredibly interesting, compelling, and educational to say the least. I have met some amazing people and artists along the way. I built a family and most of all, I’ve grown so much as a person and enriched my career path to such an extent, that I will be forever grateful. All the knowledge and experience gained will be carried with me throughout anything I do in life, and my future experiences will be all the richer because of this insight. Such a sudden and unexpected move from an experience that has given me so much did not come easy. But then again, had it not been for all that I gained from Żfin, this new opportunity would have never presented itself, making me even more grateful. 

I’ve left a big piece of my heart at Żfin, but the memories, experiences, connections, and relationships, will stay with me forever. I truly hope that the company will continue thriving and reaching the goals we were working towards. Nevertheless, I cannot express how full my heart feels to be taking on this new challenge and how grateful I am to have the opportunity to walk into Malta’s national theatre every day, with the aim to help make it more successful and build on its legacy.

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  1. That is a beautiful theater. I’ve been in two re=furbished ones—one in chicago and one here in Beaumont. We are fortunate to have another larger theater for they symphony. Hearing music in person is so much different than recorded even if done well.

    Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos of that theater.

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    1. Dear Sylvia, thank you for your comment. We feel truly lucky and blessed to have this theatre on our little island. For such a small country we are incredibly lucky to have several theatres, but Teatru Manoel is truly spectacular. It is Baroque in design, was designed specifically for opera and orchestra, to make the best use of natural acoustics since no sound equipment existed when it was built. The theatre was designed and paid for by Grandmaster Manoel De Vilhena (of the Knights of St John) in 1731, as a ‘Teatro Public’, or ‘a people’s theatre’. The history behind it is simply astounding.


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